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Commercial & Residential Excavation

HMC Excavation is your Lincoln city specialist in excavation, grading, and site work for all your residential, commercial and industrial needs. No project is too small for us to handle. We send out our licensed contractors to examine the site, look into existing records of past soil explorations, and test borings to provide you with the best recommendations and preparations needed to keep your site in compliance.

Storm Drains

Storm Drains: We are diligent in maintaining and installing storm drains that are in compliance with city regulations. Faulty or neglected storm drains can become detrimental and inefficient if left unattended and as a result can lead to preventable costly repair services. As daunting as costly repairs can be it is nothing in comparison to faulty drains that are ineffective during an emergency.

Drainage | Covers to Grade

Drainage: We are conscientious in preventing additional damages due to erosion and the additional cost to our clients that it would take in repairs. This is prevented by installing trenches, land leveling/grading and making sure that water is effectively drained and does not seep and cause structural deterioration to roads and foundations. To make sure the ground isn’t too compacted we perform a final grading of the work-site to bring it to grade at the specified elevations.

Covers to Grade: When excavating water lines and storm drains we bring our manhole covers to grade to make sure there is a secure fit and seal.

Concrete & Asphalt Removal

Concrete & Asphalt Removal – Our team is equipped to remove and dispose of old concrete and asphalt. We accept work with private property owners, corporate offices and have contracts with cities to provide proper installation and maintenance of city roads, sidewalks, retaining walls and foundations and much more.

Water Lines | Pipelines

Water Lines (Pipelines): Damaging pipelines is a huge issue when excavating which is why we work in a methodical way to ensure that all the necessary permissions are acquired beforehand and notices sent out through proper channels. All planned excavation sites must have all the locations of underground facilities marked prior to excavation.


Roads: We can maintain and reconstruct city or private roads.

Commercial & Residential Infrastructure & Utility

Land clearing, sculpting, top soil spreading, bank run sand, sheet and shoring services, top soil spreading and more. We provide complete excavation services.