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Commercial & Residential Excavation

HMC Excavation is your Lincoln city specialist in excavation, grading, and site work for all your residential, commercial and industrial needs. No project is too small for us to handle. We send out our licensed contractors to examine the site, look into existing records of past soil explorations, and test borings to provide you with the best recommendations and preparations needed to keep your site in compliance.

Land Grading Services

Land Grading (leveling): We use graders and power equipment to make sure that all the landscape is level and is a reflection of the design drawings provided by our clients. We take into account the soil quality data in any reports that can also be provided by our client or by our qualified survey team upon request.

Drainage | Covers to Grade

Drainage: We are conscientious in preventing additional damages due to erosion and the additional cost to our clients that it would take in repairs. This is prevented by installing trenches, land leveling/grading and making sure that water is effectively drained and does not seep and cause structural deterioration to roads and foundations. To make sure the ground isn’t too compacted we perform a final grading of the work-site to bring it to grade at the specified elevations.

Covers to Grade: When excavating water lines and storm drains we bring our manhole covers to grade to make sure there is a secure fit and seal.

Sheeting & Shoring

Sheeting and Shoring Services: To meet safety regulations we utilize safe sheeting and shoring practices to prevent accidental structural damages and injuries to construction workers when excavating. We use beams and wooden supports to keep structural integrity when removing previous building supports: beams, walls and floors.

Land Clearing | Tree & Stump Removal

Land Clearing: We take care of all the necessary clearing, grubbing, and preparation of the site; removal and disposal of all debris; excavation and trenching as required. You can count on us to take charge of all the handling, storage, transportation, and disposal of all excavated material. Depending on the site we will remove unwanted rocks, trees and stumps. Unwanted vegetation is mulched and repurposed as reusable topsoil. Lastly the land will be leveled in preparation for the construction of buildings, trenches, and more depending on the nature of the project.

Tree and Stump Removal: Only designated trees will be removed for excavation purposes. Trees remaining at the site will be protected during construction to avoid unnecessary damages and trauma to the trees. Trees that are to be removed will be mulched down for future use or disposed.

Top Soil Spreading | Land Sculpting

Topsoil Spreading: During site preparation for permanent construction projects the topsoil is set aside for future use and surface vegetation is cleared away and disposed of. Once construction has been completed and the landscape properly graded, the topsoil that was stripped is redistributed and graded around the finished construction site.

Land Sculpting: Site preparation is just as important as the construction itself. We complete each job not only with the utmost attention to detail but also take preventative measures to keep the integrity of our construction projects.

Clean Fill

Clean Fill: Our Contractors will use any suitable excavated material from the job site for grading, filling embankments, and contours to reach specified elevations in design drawings. We will provide the necessary materials is there is not enough material present and will remove any excess for no additional cost.

Water Mitigation in Basements/Floors/Walls

Getting your build site prepared and in compliance.

Land clearing, sculpting, top soil spreading, bank run sand, sheet and shoring services, top soil spreading and more. We provide complete excavation services.