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Project-Based Commercial & Residential Excavation

HMC Excavation is your excavation, grading, and site work specialist for all your residential, commercial and industrial excavation needs. No project is too small for us to handle. Before we begin excavating, we send out a licensed contractor to evaluate the construction site. A few key factors are soil quality, depth at which we can excavate and the overall size of land.

Basement Digging | Foundation Digging

Basement Digging: Before we can begin excavating we need to be sure that depending on the location, such as a residential area with neighboring houses, that none of the construction will disrupt the integrity of the soil and negatively impact nearby structures. Once we have acquired all necessary permissions needed we can excavate and construct a basement with approved building materials: poured or pre-cast concrete, bricks, concrete blocks and treated wood.

Foundation Digging: A structure is only as strong as its foundation. We work diligently from the start to ensure that the job is completed to meet all safety regulations before continuing further construction. Built to last, proper foundations stay in place and prevent the earth below and around it to shift, insulates the structure from the cold and moisture, and is designed specifically to handle environmental factors that are unique to each location.

Drywell Digging & Installation

Drywell Installations: Drywells are installed with the purpose of storing large amounts of navigated run-off water from drains and diverting it to nearby earth where the water can slowly drain over time and be absorbed back into the soil. This is done by installing an underground drain pipe that is connected to to the dry-well with holes built in to allow water to trickle down. The well is filled with rubble at the bottom to allow drainage at a slow, steady rate as to not disrupt the soil.


Demolitions: Demolishing a structure is no simple task and there are a lot of factors that are taken into account to ensure a safe demolition. Our specialist are highly trained and qualified to handle the safe decommission of buildings with hazardous materials, minimizing risks that come with utilizing explosives and initial site preparation and salvage of reusable or recyclable material.

Septic Installations

Septic Installations: After surveying the site they will determine if the site is suitable for a septic tank. We then will make sure all licenses have been acquired and all applications sent in and approved for the septic tank installation before we begin. We will then install the appropriate type of tank to best suit your needs whether it is for residential or commercial use.

Cesspool Installations | Cesspool Abandonment

Cesspool Installations: Cesspools are useful in that they are a second filtration method that serves to filter out any overflow from installed septic tanks. They work by allowing access water to pass through perforated walls filtering out remaining particles and debris remaining from septic tanks. Cesspools are more efficient as a secondary filtration as it is less effective in filtering out solid materials.

Cesspool Abandonment: Abandoning a cesspool if not done correctly or left over time can become hazardous and it is crucial that a trained professional take a look. If not abandoned properly it could result in collapsed septic tanks, cave-ins during future construction, build up of combustible gas, etc. We first locate the cesspool and septic tank and create an opening in the top. If needed the tank adjacent will be pumped and sanitized. Once that is done our contractor will make sure there is proper drainage at the bottom before proceeding to compact it with stone, rubble, sand and topsoil.

Project-Based Excavations

Commercial & Residential

Foundation and basement digging, drywells, demolition, cesspools and septic installations, and more. We provide complete excavation services.

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